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Never To Be Forgotten

The scene depicted occurred on June 8, 1832, and portrays Isaac McCoy returning from a trip to Washington on behalf of the Indians. On the way home, he received news of the death of his eldest son, the fifth child which died while McCoy was away. He described the reunion on this sad occasion as a "meeting never to be forgotten." In his journal, he wrote, "For some time scarcely a word was spoken, while every face was suffused with tears, and every bosom heaved with sighs."

Who We Are

The mission of the Baptist History Preservation Society is committing Baptist distinctives to future generations that they may continue. Our efforts center on preserving and propagating the rich heritage of the Baptists.

Our prayer is that this labour to preserve the history of the Baptists would prove to be a help in the lives of our fellow believers as they press on for Jesus' sake.

Our Mission

Since 1997, the burden of the Baptist History Preservation society has been to preserve and propagate the rich heritage of the Baptists. We accomplish this work through Baptist history tours, placing monuments, and commissioning paintings which depict important events in Baptist history. Additionally, through the BHPS Archives, we procure and restore rare books, writings, and ephemera of the Baptists, with the intent of putting some of these materials back into print. Future goals include a state-of-the-art museum, library, and research archive facility.