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To the Water's Side (PRINT)

To the front of the image, on center, two men stand half immersed in water on a lake shaking hands. One of the men has his shirt wet, implying he's just been baptized. To the back of the painting, surrounding the lake, many people watch the scene happily.

Product Details
Ron Adair

“To the Water’s Side” was completed in 2012. Depicted is the baptism of Daniel Merrill, one of the great scenes in American Baptist History. The original oil painting, by nationally known artist, Ron Adair, is on display at Truth Baptist Church in Jefferson, Maine.

Prints available are part of a limited edition of 2000 with 25 artist proofs. All prints are signed and numbered. The image size is 18” x 30”. An historical sketch and certificate of authenticity is included with each print.

Dimension: 18” x 30”