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The Baptist History Preservation Society is supported by believers like you who believe in preserving their heritage for the next generation.
Support Us

      Often, we are asked how the Baptist History Preservation Society secures financing for its projects and other expenses. The simple answer is that the Lord graciously provides for every need. Since the work began, our prayer has been that God would place within the hearts of Baptists a burden to help with this ministry. Thus, our only solicitation for support has been heavenward.

     The name, Baptist History Preservation Society, was chosen for this ministry because we believe it best describes the work we hope to accomplish. The name also acknowledges that our supporting churches and members are an integral part of who we are and what we do. We praise the Lord for these fellow helpers, and we offer sincere thanks to all who have helped us to preserve our rich heritage.

     Please pray with us that God would move others to help with this work.